GM unveils app platform, partners with AT&T for in-car LTE

General Motors is rolling out a fleet of LTE-equipped cars this summer and launching a new app platform to boot. [Read more]    

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jquery mobile append divs to body sometimes not working

I’m using phonegap and i linked all of my js and CSS files to my remote server.

I also add an ajax call that adds to the body tag all needed pages divs.
meaning that my origin index.html contain only one page div and after the ajax call i perform append to the body tag with all other needed pages.
I did that so i can maintain all of my data on the server and make an easy changes if needed.

But i found out that sometimes on ios the append is not working, and i couldn’t understand why sometimes it does and other times don’t. and it perform differently on different devices.

Also if the app takes more time to upload, all data upload fine and appends to the body tag, but if the spalsh screen removes after a short time it seems that the app didn’t able to append the data even though the data was uploaded from the server succesfuly.

Hope that i was clear enough about my problem.

Thank you


//meta tag
//links to my remote JS and CSS files on server
<body onload="initial_app();">

the initial_app function is in my remote JS files and include the function that append more divs to the body tag, so the trigger for uploading the data is “onload”.