Community-Oriented Health Services: Practices Across Disciplines

Elias Mpofu PhD DEd, "Community-Oriented Health Services: Practices Across Disciplines"

English | ISBN: 0826198171 | 2015 | 384 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Question about an idea…

Hi guys,
I was thinking. If someone was to create a social networking website with the name ‘book’ in it. Would it be considered intellectual property theft? Would it be possible to get sued by facebook for it (if somehow it got some success)? Was just wondering. Looking for serious answers, thanks.

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[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Trying to find a transforming dress for a play?

i need a dress that starts out as a regular old shirt/rags/etc. but when a pin is pulled in the back it unfurls into a beautiful white dress. is there anywhere i can find this by the 29th, or anyone who can make it by that date? need it desperately.