[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Would you be in favor of kids being indoctrinated in all major religions, and then at the age of consent they can choose the one they want?

Let them choose at age 18 which one they want, why not?

Javascript: Formatting datetime yields NaN results

I am trying to format a mysql datetime object in Javascript, but I only get NaN results.

The value from the database is for example this datetime object:

2015-08-27 21:36:03

In my JS I try to convert this object as follows:

var formattedDate = new Date(datetimeObj);

function formatDate(date) {
                var hours = date.getHours();
                var minutes = date.getMinutes();
                hours = hours % 12;
                hours = hours ? hours : 12; // the hour '0' should be '12'
                minutes = minutes < 10 ? '0'+minutes : minutes;
                var strTime = hours + ':' + minutes;
                return date.getMonth()+1 + "/" + date.getDate() + "/" + date.getFullYear() + " " + strTime;

How come that I when printing the variable, I get NaN/NaN/NaN 12:NaN?

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BackboneJS How to remove item of Model array

I want to delete/remove a specific item inside my Backbone Model Array. My Model returns this data (json)

"data":  {
   "id": 16268,
   "releases":  [
      {"title" :"title1", "cover" : "some image", "releasedate": "some date"},
      {"title" :"title2", "cover" : "some image", "releasedate": "some date"},
      {"title" :"title3", "cover" : "some image", "releasedate": "some date"},
      {"title" :"title4", "cover" : "some image", "releasedate": "some date"},
      {"title" :"title5", "cover" : "some image", "releasedate": "some date"},

So, lets say I want to delete/remove the second entry. I tried to do this:

if(this.model.get('id') === 16268){
        if(this.model.get('releases')[1]) {

but with no luck. Can someone tell me how to solve this?