St. Lucia – When the Night [Deluxe Edition] (2014)

Artist: St. Lucia
Title Of Album: When the Night
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Neon Gold
Genre: Electronic, Indie, Synthpop
Total Time: 67:39 min
Format: Mp3 / FLAC (tracks)
Quality: CBR 320 kbps / Lossless
Total Size: 162 mb / 472 mb

[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : How do I convince my parents to let me go to warped tour/ concerts?

I’m 13 years old and my parents are really overprotective. They think it’s dangerous to cross the street. They never let me hang out with friends or go anywhere without then. But I really really really wanna go to the All Time Low concert may 16th and warped tour (my date is in the last week of July) but they won’t let me go because they think rock artists/ people who like that music are drug addicts and delinquents. And it’s not fair for them to judge people like that? How do I convince them to let me go? I already told them music is the only thing I care about & I’m actually saving up money to buy the tickets myself. So how do I convince them??

Bleach Movie 03 – Fade to Black.mkv

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Day in Korea.. town.

Hodo Kwaja (????)

Cue one of those MasterCard commercials… Round trip to Korea ~ 2000$, TTC fare downtown ~ 3$, freshly made Hodo Kwaja ~ priceless.

No seriously, priceless.

Although I’ve never had a Korean pastry up ’till this afternoon, all of that will surely change from now on… Did I mention Hodo Kwaja? Oh well.. it’s basically a pastry resembling a walnut. Inside, there is either a walnut or almond (depending on your preference), surrounded by mashed potato with brown sugar filling. At 2$/6 pieces, it’s a sweet deal! See what I did there?

Bear with me..

The bakery also serves traditional Korean pancake with your choice of red bean or brown sugar flavors, as well as Madeleine’s and Chun Byung.

Location wise, Hodo Kwaja can be found at 656 Bloor Street West. The easiest way to get there is to take the TTC to Christie station. Once there, exit the station and walk south towards Bloor Street West, then east towards Bathurst Street.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap many… *cough cough* correction… any photos, since I’m still getting used to the whole “I’m a photographer who takes pictures in public places” gig. I know.. it’s embarrassing.


A while back, while reading the August 2012 edition of “Korea – People & Culture”, I stumbled across an article on Hanji. Hanji is a traditional Korean paper. It’s made in a variety of different colors and has a ton of different applications. Said applications include: as writing paper, photography paper, and even as a material for making shoes and sweaters … And yes.. they’re machine washable.

I just so happened to walk past Hanji – Cards & Stationery store, while meandering through Koreatown. I decided to step inside in order to get a closer look at what I’d read about previously.

The shop featured a modern interior with a variety of stationery items on display. My personal favorites were the fish made of Hanji, hanging from the ceiling, as well as the birdcage item.

Both of the shop’s owners were kind and enthusiastic. I guess you could say that customer service is ?? ??! (Really awesome)

That being said, next time I’m in need of a notebook or some cute stationery for my desk, I know where to go!

Location: 619 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Thumbs Up Eatery (????)


Having completed a mini-photoshoot at Hanji (see above), I was famished. In need of a meal – ASAP, I opted for lunch at “Thumbs Up Eatery”. The restaurant wasn’t too busy at the time, although there were two other people besides myself. Regardless, the server was very nice and made sure that each customer was enjoying their meal.

I ordered a rather spicy Kimchi Jjigae, but… to my amazement, I was able to finish most of it without reaching for a glass of water. Hooray!

The stew was delicious and, as always, came with a variety of side dishes including: bean sprouts, potatoes, kimchi, and a side of rice.

The price wasn’t too bad either… correction.. my order came out to 8$, I walked in on an empty stomach, and couldn’t finish the portion due to its size.. go figure..

Overall, highly recommended authentic Korean eatery downtown!

Location: 615 Bloor Street West, Toronto