Knowledge and Data Management in GRIDs

Knowledge and Data Management in GRIDs

Knowledge and Data Management in GRIDs by Domenico Talia
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0387378308 | 254 Pages | PDF | 14 MB

Current research activities are leveraging the Grid to create generic- and domain-specific solutions and services for data management and knowledge discovery.

Adam Elmakias

Adam Elmakias is a music photographer, born in California, USA, June 25th 1989. His job is to photographer specific bands whilst they’re on tour and a big part of his job is taking portrait photographs of members of the bands he works with. The photographs below show some of Adam’s portraits that he has taken both in a home studio and also on location. The weird thing that I found was some of the portraits being taken landscape instead. I’m unsure as to whether this is just a variation he tried out or maybe it’s an actual thing he does depending on the time. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 03.37.57MAD_2267MAD_2086i-W24t8gL-X3 i-xB2mQk5-X3i-mnBZPtT-X3DJ4A9178-Edit-Edit-1000x1000DJ4A9167-Edit-Edit-1000x1000

Control Output Within PHP While Loop

I have a while loop that a query is in and the MySQL query works just fine. However when I try to output my text saying that the query is successful I get:

“Table Succesfully UpdatedTable Succesfully UpdatedTable Succesfully Updated”

I know this I happening becuase I am editing 3 objects, so I’m wondering is there a way to output the string without having it repeat however many objects I change?

Here is the loop:

while ($r3 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result3)) {
    $part_num = $r3['part_num']; $desc = $r3['desc']; $bom_qty = $r3['qty']; $need_qty = $qty*$bom_qty;
       //insert the part_num into the temp parts table and the qty
    $resut4 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `temp_grabtec_parts`(`temp_id`,`part_num`,`desc`,`qty`) VALUES ('$temp_id','$part_num','$desc','$need_qty')");
        if ( $resut4 ) {
            echo 'Table Succesfully Updated';
        } else {
                echo mysql_error();

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