Solutions to resize root partition on live mounted system

I’m writing a Chef recipe to automate setting up software RAID 1 on an existing system with. The basic procedure is:

  1. Clear partition table on new disk (/dev/sdb)
  2. Add new partitions, and set then to raid using parted (sdb1 for /boot and sdb2 with LVM for /)
  3. Create a degraded RAID with /dev/sdb using mdadm –create … missing
  4. pvcreate /dev/md1 && vgextend VolGroup /dev/md1
  5. pvmove /dev/sda2 /dev/md1
  6. vgreduce VolGroup /dev/sda2 && pvremove /dev/sda2

I’m stuck on no. 5. With 2 disks of the same size I always get an error:

Insufficient free space: 10114 extents needed, but only 10106 available
Unable to allocate mirror extents for pvmove0.
Failed to convert pvmove LV to mirrored

I think it’s because when I do the mdadm –create, it adds extra information to the disk so it has slightly less physical extents.

To remedy the issue, one would normally reboot the system off a live distro and:

  • e2fsck -f /dev/VolGroup/lv_root
  • lvreduce -L -0.5G –resizefs …
  • pvresize –setphysicalvolumesize …G /dev/sda2
  • etc etc
  • reboot

and continue with step no. 5 above.

I can’t do that with Chef as it can’t handle the rebooting onto a live distro and continuing where it left off. I understand that this obviously wouldn’t be idempotent.

So my requirements are to be able to lvreduce (somehow) on the live system without using a live distro cd.

Anyone out there have any ideas on how this can be accomplished?


  • Mount a remote filesystem as root and remount current root elsewhere
  • Remount the root filesystem as read-only (but I don’t know how that’s possible as you can’t unmount the live system in the first place).
  • Or another solution to somehow reboot into a live distro, script the resize and reboot back and continue the Chef run (Not sure if this is even popssible


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